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My number one piece of advice for all potential clients is to book a DJ who is experienced and who knows what they are doing.

35 Years of DJ Experiences Matters

I have been a Wedding & Party DJ in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk since the age of 15. I started in 1983. Since then I have collected a substantial amount of experience through knowledge of music, etiquette, venues throughout the region, and the communication skills required to ensure your function is a success.

I also cover all types of function throughout the East of England. If you require a Wedding DJ in Norwich or a Party DJ in Cambridge, I have the experience.

Knowing what song should follow a floor filling tune takes years of practice and skill. I hear many stories of inexperienced DJ’s not understanding or refusing to play types of music.

I welcome your requests and playlists. However, be aware that many discos will not accept playlists.


It’s an awful thought, but many people tell me of horror stories of their DJ not turning up or arriving late, spoiling their event.

By booking me, you have total peace of mind. I arrive at least 60 mins before your function will start. I also carry spare equipment should it ever be needed. My van has full business breakdown cover and is regularly serviced.

Do You Know Your DJ?

You need to know who is actually DJing your event.

If you are booking through a company or an agency, there is a possibility that you will not know who your DJ is beforehand, whether they are suitable for your event or not having possibility of meeting them beforehand.

Book your wedding or party Disco with me, and I’d be delighted to meet you beforehand and discuss your special occasion, provide references and answer any questions you might have.

Dressing for the Event

I will discuss with you the dress code for your event.For example, I am happy to wear a tuxedo for wedding or corporate event, or theme dress for an 80’s night.

I hear stories of DJ’s turning up in old jeans and trainers for weddings, which is unacceptable.

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