The most important ingredient to your function, and of course ensuring a full dance floor and a night to remember.

As one of the most experienced discos in East Anglia we have a vast knowledge of music from the 1920’s through to today. We have over 50,000 songs in our library. The most important thing that we do is listen to what you want. In these days of digital music, downloads & streaming, our clients have a wide choice of music at their disposal. That means that we welcome your requests, and music lists. We also talk through your preferences and advise you using our knowledge and experience.

The most important part of the evening for a wedding reception will be the ‘first dance’. We will work with you, not only to play your chosen song, but also to ensure the timings suit you.

At East Anglian Discos, we also work with clients you would music from different parts of the globe, such as USA, India, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands & Columbia.

We highly recommend our consultation so that we can fully understand your music requirements.

We also do theme nights such as Motown, Salsa, Rock, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Soul and Rock n Roll and Country.

In summary whether you require Take That, The Bee Gees, Wham! or Coldplay we will ensure you hear the music you want to hear!

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